Learn about Flathead Wakeboard Academy and find other fun things to do in the Flathead. 

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Flathead Wakeboard Academy

Flathead Wakeboard Academy is Montana's Premier Watersports School. Located on the always warm and calm Echo Lake. We operate 7 days a week threw out May, June, July, August, and September. We will tow our Mastercraft X-Star to any lake in the valley for lessons or we would love to come out on your boat for a fun filled day of learning. We teach all skill levels and ages, from 5 to 71. We also teach any water sport, such Water skiing, Kneeboarding, wake skating, wake boarding and wake surfing. What ever your sport or skill level, we are sure to satisfy your needs while enjoying the beautiful lakes Montana has to offer. Come progress with the best!

Flathead Wakeboard Academy Wakesurf Lessons

Even though wakeboarding is our favorite sport to teach, we offer a verity of boating activities. 

Montana has many different lakes to choose from. Big or small we got them all